URBAN DEATH returns in October 2016
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Zombie Joes Underground Theatre Group presents URBAN DEATH PROJECT 2016 at ZJU Theater in North Hollywood  Halloween Fun Horrors Horrors Only at URBANDEATH urbandeath.com urbandead dead squad terror zombies graphic LIVE HORROR on STAGE Fright  Avant-Garde Performance zombiejoes.com zombiejoes zombiejoe dead every Performing Arts Play Production zombies 4850 Lankershim North Hollywood CA San Fernando 91601 Valley NoHo SFV Los Angeles California Joe's LA WEEKLY Acting Arts  Drama Entertainment Events Experimental Festival Entertainment Live Show Entertainment Lankershim North Hollywood CA Valley SFV Los Angeles California 91601 818-202-4120 Denise Devine Jana Wimer Christopher Reiner play games poem rates Theater Review the latest Urban Death Extravaganza from Zombie Joes Underground The Blog of Abel Horwitz Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre Group kicks-off a fabulous 2014 season with an all-new horror-theatre spectacular, diving-deep into our darkest dreams, desires, memories, fears, and freaky-ass ambitions.  Directed by Zombie Joe. "...it is something disturbing"  "made me uncomfortable in a good way." “Going into the dark corners of your brain and cleaning out the cobwebs.” "It tapped into deep seeded fears and emotions within me." "I was thrust into the present and complex (and scary) world of adulthood." "I was disturbed. I was aroused. I was confused. Frightened. Overjoyed. Stunned." "The feeling of fear washes out all other thoughts in my mind." "There’s a safety in allowing oneself permission to get scared in a place like this." " 'Urban Death' is special. It’s disturbing. Fucked up. Intense. Too intimate to ever be comfortable." "an hour of a disturbing performance..."   "... by Zombie Joe, a man whose theater continues to rock my world." "I know I need to see it again,  and I know I need more time to wrap my brain around what I saw..." "...this show will haunt my dreams ... sticking with me for a long time."
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Intimate Theatre
University of Cape Town
Hiddingh Campus
37 Orange Street
Gardens, Cape Town
South Africa
"Your worst nightmare
right in front of you"
"Horrors that will
haunt your mind"
"...take theatre-goers on a fast-paced thrill ride filled with terror, amusement, shock, poignancy and plenty of nervous laughter..."
"...aim to elicit horror and  giggles from the audience  without the use of dialogue."
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12/05/2013 to 12/15/2013
The Mechanicals
Creating professional independent theater,
striving for innovation without obligation.

URBAN DEATH is a collaboration between The Mechanicals (who provide the actors) & Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre (with the idea & director Jana Wimer.) While light-hearted on the surface, eventually a serious way to spend an hour.
See you in October 2016
returns in October